• Therapeutic Corrective Session
• Therapeutic Corrective Session With Chiropractic Adjust


Therapeutic Corrective Session
25 or 50 MINUTES
This therapeutic session is designed to focus on what is the highest priority for your medical condition. We want to focus on correcting the cause of your musculoskeletal condition as effectively as possible. This session may include but is not limited to manual therapy, mobility and range of motion, therapeutic and/or corrective exercises, therapy modalities, etc. Please communicate with your therapist so that this session can be as beneficial for you as possible.

Therapeutic Corrective Session With Chiropractic Adjust
30 or 60 MINUTES
This therapeutic rehabilitation session includes the aforementioned "THERAPEUTIC CORRECTIVE SESSION" & the "CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT (5 or 10 MIN)". This treatment must be scheduled accordingly so the doctor has time to adjust you at the end of your treatment.