PROGRESSION... specializing in the integration between therapy and exercise. We have designed a system that takes you from the therapy table to gaining functional strength. As a team in constant communication, we can help you on your health journey, bridging the gap between therapy and physical fitness. We want to provide the tools so that your body is able to transform to connect the missing links, aiding in the way you feel and optimizing your physical function.

Our system begins with a complex musculoskeletal evaluation and movement analysis. Based upon your results, options and goals will be presented; and, placement in your appropriate phase of therapy and exercise rehabilitation will be provided, so you may begin your progression to functional health, strength and well-being. We are excited to discover your specific phase so you may begin your health journey. We are eager to share our knowledge with you and to assist you in changing your perspective of how you and your body operate as a team.

PROGRESSION takes pride in the system of courses we have designed. Cummulatively, we have worked very hard at being a cross-certified team in as many certifications as we feel may best benefit you. We have taken all of our certifications and combined them to design the PROGRESSION system.


Doctor of Chiropractic, BS, BS, RKC, CST, CICS


European trained in Sports Therapy


BS, RKC, Battle Rope certified



BA, Pilates Instructor, Gyrotonic Instructor