BS, RKC, Battle Rope certified

•Co-Founder of PROGRESSION system
•Co-Owner of Los Angeles Movement and Strength, LLC


Matt Seki was born and raised in Honolulu, HI. He started his martial arts training at 5 years old. He played multiple sports throughout his educational experience at Punahou school in Hawaii. He came to California in 2000 to attend Occidental College. He graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Economics for Business Management and Kinesiology.

Matt has published articles in the journal of Strength and Conditioning and is working on articles for DinoFiles Strength newsletter. He was a strength coach at camp at Bella Karoyli's Olympic national gymnastics training center. He was personally certified by Pavel Tsatsouline in Russian Kettlebells in 2008, He has also attended Russian Kettlebell level II and Level III seminars and studied functional movement under Gray Cook, MSPT. In 2010, he became a certified BattleRopes coach under John Brookefield. He currently has a blackbelt in Kodokan Judo and studies jiujitsu, Iaido, and Aikido.

Matt has been working with Dr. Evans since 2005 and is co-founder of the PROGRESSION system and is co-owner of Los Angeles Movement and Strength, LLC. Matt's goal is to educate his clients in how to free themselves of poor movement patterns due to the stress of modern habits and old injuries.

Matt looks forward to helping others regain their inherit strength and physical abilities to optimize functional health.

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