Neha Shah

•Physical Therapist
•Certified Yoga Therapist

Neha Shah a native Californian, studied physical therapy at California State University Northridge, where she earned a Master's Degree with distinction. She is a certified Yoga Therapist through Loyola Marymount University and a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Works. Throughout her career, she has worked with a wide range of physical problems common to athletes and weekend warriors of all ages, including sprains, repetitive strain, over-use injuries, pre- and post-operative care, etc.

Neha understands that all injured individuals share one common trait: the desire to return to their daily activity quickly and confidently. She believes there are three elements to achieving this desire: (a) thorough evaluation of the injury, (b) high-quality hands-on care, and (c) teaching patient's safe body mechanics to help prevent future injuries.

In addition to traditional physical therapy, she practices a cutting edge form of physical therapy that is growing in popularity. It combines evidence-based physical therapy with specific yoga-based techniques. Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for people who are suffering from an injury or have had chronic pain. It is when a trained yoga therapist adapts a specific set of postures, breathing techniques, meditation and daily life suggestions for an individual based on his or her body, nature and condition. With her extensive knowledge and background in anatomy and kinesiology as a physical therapist and spiritual knowledge as a yoga therapist, Neha provides a safe and natural environment to heal from injury and chronic pain. Her specialty and passion are working with the pre and post natal populations. Yoga helped her throughout her pregnancy to stay pain free. It is an ideal preparation for labor and childbirth. She gave birth to a health, happy 6lb 11 oz baby boy without the use of any medical intervention or drugs!

Benefits of Yoga Therapy:
Safe, effective, natural… Yoga Therapy will help you increase strength, spine/joint flexibility, postural awareness and circulation. It will help you decrease pain, blood pressure, anxiety and the chance of a repeat injury. Most importantly, through this technique many patients have been able to avoid painful and expensive medical treatments for their injuries.

Yoga and Pregnancy:
Pregnancy is a remarkable time in a woman's life. During this nine-month voyage you will go through spectacular physical and spiritual changes. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to prepare your body and mind for childbirth while alleviating discomforts of pregnancy such as back and hip pain, muscle stiffness, and leg cramps. Through a balanced flow of movement, breath, relaxation and meditation common fears and anxiety will be replaced with calmness and a newly re-energized body. You will gain a deeper understanding of your changing body to make you feel more confident and comfortable. Specifically, research suggests that yoga can help ease the musculoskeletal consequences of pregnancy while preparing the muscles of the lower body for use in childbirth. The breathing techniques used in yoga can help reduce or manage the shortness of breath that may accompany pregnancy and teach women how to breathe through physically challenging experiences such as labor. Yoga encourages pregnant women to be mindful of the body's innate capacities and to recognize the connection among mind, body and breath. Yoga techniques also may be useful in promoting postpartum recovery and coping with the stresses of parenting.